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At LogExpert, we know what true leaders can do. We empower our clients to implement positive changes through leadership we hire for them. Each executive search project is customized to the specific objectives and dynamics of our clients’ needs. Our team spends a significant amount of time with our clients understanding their business, the requirements and organizational culture.
We work in partnership with our clients, providing objective judgements on hiring best matching leaders who will make a sustainable impact on their businesses.
We make sure that our client can monitor in details our progress in the assignment through regular reporting and discussions. We identify, engage and assess project candidates against the requirements we design for each assignment together with our clients. We proactively communicate with the candidates throughout the process, objectively managing their expectations as trusted advisor. We conduct reference check and speak to proper referees ensuring thorough verification of candidates’ credentials and behaviours.
Our commitment in every engagement with our clients is not simply the placement but rather the long-term business impact a great leader can have on our client business. Once the candidate appointed, we spend significant time with our client and the candidate to ensure an effective on-boarding and integration process. In addition, we follow-up regularly with both client and candidate to ensure things are moving smoothly.



As one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in Armenia, we have been helping hiring managers since 2009. The best Tech candidates in the market are in great demand, and thus only some of them are looking for jobs.  Entrusting recruitment to us, our clients can rely on our experience and network for reaching out to the best Candidates in the market. We can quickly identify highly skilled professionals who are the best fit for our clients’ businesses. With our experienced recruitment team we are capable to engage and assess candidates our clients need. We proactively communicate with the candidates throughout the recruitment process, objectively managing their expectations as trusted advisor. We conduct reference check and   speak to proper referees ensuring thorough verification of candidates’ credentials and traits.

Getting Coffee


We provide Outstaffing services to our clients assisting them with their projects. Our specialists work at the premises of our clients. Meanwhile, clients manage and control them and LogExpert manages the payroll and contractual relationships with the candidates. The greatest advantage of outstaffing is the simplicity of it. Requesting outstaffing services is the way our clients bring the best talents for their needs without going through the typical HR recruitment and contractual routine.



Depending on our clients’ needs, LogExpert can provide with Interim Management solutions leasing high level professionals to replace and temporary manage some functions of our clients’ businesses.


LogExpert has extensive practical experience across a broad range of functions and industries. Furthermore, our Interim Managers usually begin within days for project-based assignments or within weeks for a permanent replacement.


Highly qualified Interim Managers help our clients to develop and execute practical strategies to navigate successfully through the change process. Our Interim Managers community has a solid track record of driving change through complexity in a positive direction. In addition, each professional brings to the table: broad operational experience; knowledge of a specific industry and market; particular skills in a functional area; and proven expertise in delivering successful results for similar types of projects.



Having the best talent is a competitive advantage for our clients and the success of their business relies upon their people. Acquiring the most qualified workforce is increasingly competitive nowadays. To win the game, LogExpert can support organizations in implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies.


LogExpert’s RPO solutions combine the expertise of our recruiters with comprehensive technology to streamline recruitment processes, optimize employer and candidate experience, and improve quality of hired talent. Equipped with data resources, executed through innovative sourcing strategies, and broadly supported by market strong network, our solutions align talent strategies with business strategies to bring the right talent into our clients’ businesses, while reducing recruitment costs.

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